Calaba Bridge: Connecting People

Bridges are primarily built to connect places with a body of water or a ravine in between. However, the case of Calaba Bridge, the longest Modular Bridge ever constructed of one Austrian company, connecting towns of Abra, has also become a tourism fixture along the Scenic Abra river.

Before its construction, the people need to cross the Abra River to go to the other side using a ferry. This, however, posed danger to the people during rainy season where the water is turbulent. Further, transporting heavy trades and goods along the river is quite expensive as well as time and effort consuming.

Project Details: Waagner-Biro

The Calaba Bridge in the Philippines is currently the longest Modular Bridge ever constructed by Waagner-Biro (2012). It measures 900 meters and covers the length of the Abra River. Further, according to the Austrian construction company, for the people of the area, the Calabra Bridge represents a great relief, because, in the past, they were restricted to using a ferry to cross the river which interrupted its service during high waters for safety reasons.

It was completed in the year 2010 under the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) projects and now connects three municipalities across the Abra River, namely La Paz, Danglas, and Lagayan to Bangued and other parts of the province.  More importantly, the bridge serves as a primary link to the provinces of Ilocos Norte and Cagayan, and other urban centers in the region and even cuts driving hours by one hour when connecting to Laoag City International Airport (Benas, 2010) .


Satellite image of the bridge from Google Map is seen in the embedded map below.

I took the following image as well as the header image when I visited the province in 2006. Never did I imagine that such bridge of monstrous size is connecting peoples in Abra.

The embedded image below is taken by the Austrian construction company upon its completion in 2010. (Photo source: Waagner-Biro)

To give a different view of the bridge from the two previous images, I embedded another image from Tupang Gala (2015).

Unfortunately, as the bridge has a moderate traffic when I went there, I wasn’t able to take a photo at the middle of the bridge. Here is another embedded image (Cabigas, 2014) to give justice to the allure of the bridge.

Other Notable Nearby Tourist Spots

There are a lot of tourist destinations in Abra with Kaparkan Falls at the helm. Others include Kili Falls, Tayum Church, Cassamata Hill National Park, Tayum Church, Apao Rolling Hills, Sibud-Sibud Cave, Libtec Crystal Cave, Don Mariano Marcos Bridge, Piwek Rock Formations, Tangadan Tunnel, and many more.


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