Location: Cabalitocan, Luna, La Union, Philippines
Major Jump-Off Area: Municipal Plaza, Luna, La Union
Contact Person: Tito Gorospe (Tourism Officer): 09158072728 (Mobile No.) OR (072) 607 0099 / 607 1132 (Landline)
Registration Fee: Php10.00
How to Get There:
·         From Manila or Baguio City, take a bus bound to Laoag, Vigan or Abra. Drop at Municipal Plaza, Balaoan, La Union. Take a tricycle near the Seven-Eleven Store to Luna town proper. Regular fare is Php10.00 while Php50.00 if you hire the tricycle. Take another tricycle to Okkalong Falls at Php200.00 round trip fare with waiting time. One-way travel time is about 20 minutes.
·         From San Fernando City, La Union, you can take a Luna-bound jeepney. Otherwise, follow the travel plan for those coming from Manila or Baguio City. Bus ride from San Fernando City to Balaoan costs Php30.00 for ordinary buses. Travel time generally takes about 45 minutes.
Okkalong Falls (also Ukkalong Falls) is located in the mountainous barangay of Cabalitocan, Luna, La Union. Contrary to its name, it is not actually a water fall but an about 10-feet water cascade draining to a pool about the size of a half volleyball court. The pool is surrounded with tall trees, thus, getting sunburnt is less likely a problem. The area is obviously well-kept and is dotted with ornamental plants and orchids. Interestingly, there is a monkey in collar near the sari-sari store, probably for additional attraction purposes.
Amenities in the area include a small sari-sari store, a makeshift comfort room, and a shed with tables and benches. The shed is built primarily as a haven when raining.
Probably due to its size, Okkalong Falls is not as popular as Tangadan Falls in San Gabriel, La Union. However, locals flock to this area during summer and holidays.
Please be honest in paying the registration fee. The meagre registration fee goes to the maintenance of the area. Though Okkalong Falls is a small tourist attraction, it is regularly maintained even during off-peak season.
There is a footpath from Okkalong Falls that snakes up to the mountain. About 30-45 minutes uphill walk would lead you to a clearing that gives a panoramic view of the municipality with the sea as the horizon. Give another 30-45 minutes uphill hike and you will be blessed with a 360-degree view with the mountains of Bangar, Balaoan and Bacnotan in the eastern part.
Other notable tourist attractions in this municipality are the pebble-covered beaches, Baluarte ruin (Biyak na Bato) and Bahay na Bato.
·         If there is a sudden heavy downpour during the rainy season, do not linger in the river as it may swell to a dangerous level at any point in time. Cancel your trip if there is a continuous heavy downpour in the municipality.
·         Do not vandalize the stones by marker pens or etching upon it.
·         Stones along the river could be slippery.
·         Do not climb beyond the water cascade.
·         Do not wash things such as used plate, oily hands, etc. in the pool. Use the lower part of the river near the entrance for such activities.
Okkalong Falls is quite popular among Luna locals. If you want solitude in a fresh water park, this is more convenient than the heavily-populated rivers and water falls in La Union.
The pool is about half a volleyball court and not deep.
Halfway to the top of the mountain, about half an hour uphill trek from Okkalong Falls, you can have a panoramic view of the municipality with the West Philippine Sea as the horizon.
At the top of the mountain in Cabalitocan, about an hour uphill walk from Okkalong Falls, the mountains of Bangar, Balaoan, and Bacnotan gives a breath taking panorama.

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