Isle of Wight Snippets: The Needles and Alum Bay

Isle of Wight is a well-known local tourist destination in England. Of the popular places to go, The Needles in Alum Bay is among the most searched online as a testament of its beauty.

The place is very family friendly. You can also bring your dogs on lead.

There are a lot of activities in the area aside from visiting the tip of the island where the Needles are located. Among them are 4D Cinema, a chairlift to the sea side, glass demonstration, games, and a small jurassic adventure golf in Alum Bay. You can also walk to Tennyson Down, a very scenic foothpath, which leads to Freshwater Bay.

You can easily reach this destination with the public bus operating in the Island. You can visit the Northern Vectis website for updated information of bus schedule and fees. The place also has a good-sized car park if you want to travel in your own wheels. The Island’s official webpage for The Needles and Alum Bay is also a good place to start especially for guide fees and activities.

The following are images I took on my multiple visits to The Needles in Alum Bay.

The wooden stairs leading to the dirt road going to the seaside in Alum Bay
This footpath leads to the sea side and the platform where the chairlift ends. From this vantage, you can see the Needles.
One side of Alum Bay seen from the stairs connecting to the stairs.
The Needles as seen from Alum Bay.
Closer look of The Needles on the other side.
The other side of The Needles.

In conclusion, the The Needles and Alum Bay is still a good place for family relaxation. It is best enjoyed though during late Spring, all throughout Summer, and early Autumn.


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