This blog chronicles my travels in the Cordilleras, Ilocandia, and beyond.

Initially, my travels had been work-related as well as from attendance to medical missions in the far-flung areas of the Cordillera. I was born and also grew up in the mountains. However, nature gazing in other mountains, aside from home, is but humbling to me. Unfortunately, much of those travels before I bought my DSLR have not been documented as the price of having a digital camera is tantamount to several months of salary back then.

Later on, I ventured out of my region, as a hobby–aside from work and medical missions. I hiked more mountains, went to waterfalls, and done spelunking of nearby caves ON MY OWN. That’s how Loneprowler started. Years after, I started joining organized tours and camping aside from my own small niche of friends who loves nature.

Going out of the region, then to other countries, soon became the direction of my ventures, as I wanted to experience different cultures. AND it really opened my eyes to the world, to possibilities, to differences. THAT such differences can be understood and bridged.

I may join my friends or organized groups… but I still prefer being a loneprowler when exploring nature as well as man-made wonders.


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