Kamay na Bato (Stone Hand) Art Gallery, Luna, La Union

Kamay na Bato

Kamay na Bato Art Gallery is a unique tourist attraction in Luna, La Union which offer an assortment of arts carved from stones.


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Location of Kamay na Bato

Address: Nalvo Norte, Luna, La Union, Philippines

Coordinates: 16°50’51.3″N   120°21’01.6″E



Business Hours
  • 0700AM-0600PM


  • Entrance Fee: Php30.00
  • Guide Fee: Not applicable
  • Parking Fee: None


Contact Details


Kamay na Bato, Luna, La Union

Situated in the pebble beach (yup, its pebbles guys and not sand) of La Union, Kamay na Bato is drawing a lot of tourists as its predecessor, Bahay na Bato, is now totally closed to the public.

The art pieces are carved and assembled by Mr. Vong Kim, originally a Korean national and married to a Luna local, and his students [1]. He graduated in Korea with a degree in fine arts specializing in sculpture. He now resides in Luna with his wife and two kids.

Originally, Bahay na Bato, which was built in 2000 and initially intended to be a resthouse for Dr. Edison and Dra. Purita Noble, have been decorated by Mr. Kim with carved stones, antique materials, and wood carvings [2]. It is now closed to the public; fortunately, the Kamay na Bato (Stone Hand) Art Gallery by Mr. Kim is opened and now caters to multitude of tourists.

Majority of the art pieces are made of stones and created by Mr. Kim himself. Some of it were carved by his students as he shared his talent to the locals. Wood carvings, paintings, 3D wall decors, and other interesting pieces are also part of the gallery.

The following images cannot give full justice to the content of the gallery.

Above: The Bahay na Bato where Luna stone carving started is now closed to the public.

Above: A tarpaulin at the entrance giving an overview of what Kamay na Bato (Stone Hand) Art Gallery has to offer.

Above: Even before the entrance, you will be greeted with these stone carvings.

Above: Unlike in the stone carvings in Bahay na Bato, heads and busts here are mounted. The inclusion of paintaings and murals also give some degree of uniqueness.

Above: The phallic items, to the delight of visitors, are still present and also some pieces were added to this category and spread out in the gallery.

Above: Wood carvings are also abundant in the entrance and the back portion of the gallery.

In summary, Kamay na Bato (Stone Hand) Art Gallery by Mr. Kim has become a must-see attraction in La Union, complementing other nature-related tourist sites. It is highly recommend as it offers an uncommon gallery content. It would also be good to visit it every couple of years as the gallery content evolves.


How to Get To Kamay na Bato
  • From Manila or Baguio City, take a bus bound to Laoag, Vigan or Abra. Drop at Balaoan, La Union. Take a tricycle parked in the road side in between Seven-Eleven Store and Municipal Hall to Kamay na Bato.
  • From San Fernando City, La Union, you can take a Luna-bound jeepney. Tell the driver to drop you to the parking area of tricycles going to Kamay na Bato.


Helpful Local Phrases
  • Good morning: Naimbag a bigat; Good afternoon: Naimbag a malem; Good day: Naimbag nga aldaw; Good evening: Naimbag a rabii
  • How are you?: Kumusta
  • Thank you: Agyamanak
  • What is your name?: Ania ti nagan mo?
  • I don’t understand: Diak maawatan
  • How do I get to…?: Kasantnu ak a makapan sadiay…?
  • One: maysa, two: duwa, three: tallo, four: uppat, five: lima, six: ennem, seven: pito, eight: walo, nine: siyam, ten: sangapulo
  • How much is this?: Sagmamano daytoy?
  • Help!: Arayat!
  • Sorry: Pakawanennak


Other Notable Nearby Places

Bahay na Bato (currently closed and being used as a private residence)

Okkalong Falls, Luna, La Union

Tangadan Falls, San Gabriel, La Union

La Union Centennial Tree, Bacnotan, La Union

Bauang grape farms

Bauang Grape Farms, Bauang, La Union



[1] Vergonia, J., 2018. Stone Art Gives Life Inspiration :: KOREA.NET Mobile Site. [online] Korea.net. Available at: <http://m.korea.net/english/NewsFocus/HonoraryReporters/view?articleId=159582&gt; [Accessed 25 May 2020].

[2] Marbella, J. P., 2015. Stones bring solid tourism in La Union. [online] Availabale at: <http://www.launion.gov.ph/news.php?extend.687.1&gt; [Accessed 25 May 2020].



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