Tekip Falls, Bakun, Benguet

Tekip Falls, a towering natural beauty located in Poblacion, Bakun, Benguet, is probably the most known waterfalls in the municipality as well as the most accessible one.

Tekip falls might be the most popular waterfall in Bakun. This is probably related to easy access from Poblacion. It would only need more or less 15 minute-easy-walk from the community, making it the most accessible among the major falls in the area.

En route, you will be amazed with the scenic view of the community area as well see one of the highest footbridge in the community.

On your way to Tekip Falls, you can see a wider view of the community with Mt. Kabunian as the backdrop.
Walking through this hanging bridge near Tekip falls will probably make you dizzy because of its height and length.

Behold the soaring heights of Tekip Falls! Standing at the base of the waterfall, you will feel that you are easily dwarfed by the fall’s immense height. Take note, however, that the best time [like other waterfalls] to see this spectacle is during rainy season where the volume is at its peak.

The beauty of Tekip Falls depends heavily on the volume of rain drops. The image above was taken on May where rainy season is still starting. Actually, it did not rain for days before we visited the site.

Images below detail the different parts of Tekip Falls. Again, the more volume of water, the better. Images below depicts a time when the place did not have voluminous rain in the past days.

Tekip Falls have multiple water streams and cascades. Rainy season has the best view of this natural spectacle.

Other Notable Waterfalls and Destinations in the Area

Where to Stay in Bakun

  • Option 1. Old Municipal Hall at Php80.00 per night per person. Pro: cheap. Cons: bring your own sleeping gears; food** not included.
  • Option 2. Sagunday Transient at Php200.00 per night per person. Pros: you get to sleep in a bed with foam, bedding, CR, and with kitchen and cooking utensils (yes, you can cook and stores are a stone’s throw away. Con: food** not included.

** You can arrange with the barangay officials to cook for you at around Php200.00.

Contact Persons

  • Mr. Arthur Tolito (Municipal Tourism Officer): +63 921 211 3687
  • Ms. Nenita Budas (BTC President): +63 918 352 3722

Expenses (food not included) as of May 2019

  • Baguio City to Km. 5, La Trinidad: Php10.00
  • Bus fare from La Trinidad to Bakun: Php180.00
  • Accommodation: Php80.00-200.00
  • Environmental fee: Php50.00
  • Guide fee (Per guide per group [max of 6 pax per group]. In excess of 6 members, additional heads will pay Php75.00 each. However, if the total participants are beyond 8, it is mandatory to have two guides. Further, in excess of the maximum hours, the guide will be paid additional Php50.00 per hour):
    • Tekip falls: Php300.00 (3 hours)
  • There are also packages if you want to go to more than one waterfalls and/or site (valid for a day, unless specified):
    1. Tekip falls, Bagiw river, Pikaw falls, rice terraces: Php1000.00
    2. Tekip falls, Bagiw river, rice terraces: Php600.00
    3. Mangta, Pattan, and Tekip falls: Php1300.00
    4. Mangta, Pattan, Pikaw and Tekip falls: Php1600.00

Can’t get enough of Bakun waterfalls? Visit the following page for more information on other waterfall packages:



  • Always practice the LNT principles.
  • Be early taking jeep from Baguio City to La Trinidad as traffic might get heavy.
  • Get in touch with the contact persons listed above for to verify for any changes in transportation schedules, fees, temporary closure of sites, etc. This will also give them ample time to prepare for your accommodation.
  • Be courteous to the locals, tourism and local guidelines, the culture, and of the place itself.

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