Pangayapang Falls and its Infinity Pool in Poblacion, Bauko, Mt. Province

Pangayapang Falls Bauko Mt. Province

Bauko is a nature-gifted municipality in the highlands of northern Philippines. Mountain trekking is one of the favorite tourist activity as the municipality offers picturesque mountains. During rainy season, however, increases the volume of flow in different bodies of water and gives life to one of the unique spots Bauko has to offer: the Pangayapang Falls and its natural infinity pool.


Disclaimer: The content of this article is based on personal and/or vicarious experiences as well as references to the date of publication. Changes may occur on contact details, transportation, fees, etc. With this, please do comment at the end of the article any updates as well as corrections on the content, anything amiss, or any information that you think is crucial to the readers. Thank you!


Address: Poblacion, Bauko, Mt. Province, Philippines



Business Hours

Usually at 0900AM-0500PM


  • Contact the Municipal Tourism Office for updates and specifics. Mostly, they charge Php600.00/pax for 2 days and 1 night trekking and camping (includes different tourist spots in the municipality).


Contact Details


Pangayapang Falls in Poblacion, Bauko, Mt. Province

Pangayapang Falls is found in Poblacion, Bauko, Mt. Province. Like other parts of the Cordillera Administrative Region, Bauko has a lot to offer especially culture-related as well as natural sites.

This pride in Bauko is a good example of a cascade, a type of waterfall. Accordingly, a cascade consists of water descending over rocks or boulders [1]; thus, it is still correct to call it a waterfall.

Pangayapang waterfall is a cascade, one of the more beautiful and gentle types of falls [2]

The water from the cascade plunges to a half basketball court sized pool. The pool has steep walls made of stone. In some photos, it may look like it is a small pool only good for 2-3 people in it. However, it can accommodate way much more as seen in the Facebook post below.

Above photo shows the outer lip of the natural pool.

What is most interesting about Pangayapang Falls is its infinity pool. While submerged in the pool, you can have a spectacular view of some parts of Bauko. The following photos cannot give justice to the view from the falls.

Other notable activities of interest in Bauko includes a tour of the indigenous pottery-making, Cotcot Aso, Nentingli, Spanish Trails, Toktok Allan, Layaan Burial Cave, and Mount Polis.

In conclusion, Pangayapang Falls is without contest a not-much known natural wonder in Bauko. It has a cascade, a medium sized natural pool which has one side overlooking to some parts of the municipality. It would be a great addition to your itinerary if you plan on going to Mt. Province, especially Bauko.


How to Get There
  • Please contact the Municipal Tourism Office (as listed above) and look for Ms. Arsenia Addon before planning to go there for a smoother itinerary and prevent delays as well as for them to be prepared.
  • Get to Baguio City if you are coming from the lowlands. There are a lot of options of buses and vans going to Baguio from the lowlands. Another option is to take a Codas Lines Bus bound to Bontoc. From Bontoc, take a van bound for Bauko.
  • From Baguio City
    • GL Trans Bus (5:00AM-3:00PM) in Dangwa Station (behind Baguio Centermall) via Bauko [temporarily while the road slide in Sabangan is not yet fixed; once fixed, their buses will not ply through this route].
    • Rising Sun Trans Bus (5:30AM-3:30PM) and Lizardo Trans Bus (3:00AM-2:00PM) in Slaughter Compound via Abatan-Poblacion, Bauko. Inform the conductor to drop you off in Bauko.
    • Van (3:00AM-3:30PM) bound to Abatan, Bauko (take note IT IS NOT Abatan, Buguias). Their terminal is at ENCLEAN Gas Station near D’ Rising Sun in Baguio.


Helpful Local Phrases
  • Good morning: Gawis ay agsapa. Good afternoon: Gawis ay masdem. Good night: Gawis ay labi.
  • How are you? Kumusta?
  • What is you name?: Hinu han nagan mo?
  • My name is…: Hak-en hi…
  • How much is this?: Kaat na na?
  • How can I/we go there? Ikkak ay umey hidi? (for I) / Ikkan mi ay umey hidi? (for we).
  • Thank you: Iyaman.
  • Help!: Tulong!
  • Sorry: Pasensya.
  • One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten: Eha, duwa, tulo, upat, lima, enem, pito, wa-o, hiyam, himpu.
  • I don’t understand. Adiak maawatan.

If you notice, most of the ‘s’ words are changed to ‘h’ except for those non-Kankanaey words.



The author wants to acknowledge Leon Saleoan, Jr. and Nomadic Highlander, both Mt. Province locals, for the images used in the article. You can find them on Facebook ( [Leon Saleoan, Jr.], Twitter (@igorotforlife [Nomadic Highlander]) and YouTube (Nomadic Highlander).



[1] The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2011. Cascade. [online] Encyclopædia Britannica. Available at: <; [Accessed 8 May 2020].

[2] Wee, Rolando Y. 2017, How Many Types of Waterfalls Are There? [online]. World Atlas. Available at <; [Accessed 8 May 2020].



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