Bauang Grape Farms

Bauang, La Union is living up to its name as the fruit basket of the north. In fact, grape farming [yup, we have vineyards in the country], takes the lead in agri-industry in the municipality. With decades of experience in grape farming, Bauang vineyard owners are now maximizing it to include grape picking to the delights of the visitors.


Address: Bauang, La Union, Philippines


Dubbed as the ‘fruit basket of the north’, Bauang has leveled up their game with their vineyards. For years, this humble seaside municipality have been producing dragon fruits, papaya, guavas and grapes. Of these, strolling under the grape vines and picking fruits looks more appealing to tourists.

Grapes picking has brought back business in Bauang. Visitors do not mind paying for more for the grapes if they picked it themselves from the vine.

Contrary to common belief that we only import grapes, this municipality in the North do have several vineyards. Accordingly, Bauang had been the original home of grape farmers and had been popular among grape producing towns in the country since the 1970s (1).

There are several surviving vineyards in the municipality, some are new. Googling “bauang + grape + farms” would return your query Gapuz Grapes Farm, Lomboy Grapes Farm, Manguerra Grapes Farm, Calica Grapes Farm, Gapuz/Ancheta/Salino¬†Grapes Farm, Danny Acheta Grapes Farm, Lombor Farms Resort, Acosta Grapes Farm, Orpillano Abando Grapes Farm, Cleorpilla Grapes Farm, and others.

Vineyards and farming techniques in Bauang are mostly handed by generations.

Learning from their strawberry farmer counterparts in La Trinidad, Benguet, grapes farm owners in Bauang opened their vineyards to tourists who want to enjoy picking fruits (2).

Grape farms in Bauang are just a walk away from the national highway. However, there are tricycles and single motors for hire in junctions around the area.

Other Notable Places Near Bauang

There are a lot of hotels and resorts nearby if you want to spend more time and see nearby attractions in La Union. Surfing is quite popular in Bauang as well as in San Juan and it is an interesting activity to try.

You can also ride a jeep to San Fernando City and eat the best shaved ice in Halo-Halo de Iloko then continue up north and see Bahay na Bato in Luna. Further towards the Cordillera range, taking a dip in the fresh water of Tangadan Falls in San Gabriel is also feasible within a day.


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