Don Mariano Marcos Bridge: 3rd Longest Bridge in the Philippines

As rivers in Abra snakes around the province, the construction of bridges is but necessary to connect towns. One of which is the Don Mariano Marcos Bridge, one of the longest of its kind in the country.

The name of the bridge has a history, unlike other bridges being named to the place where it is located. The bridge was constructed in the early 1970s and when it was about to be completed in 1974, the Provincial Board and the Mayor’s League of Abra inked a resolution on 08 February 1974 to “name the new bridge, DON MARIANO MARCOS BRIDGE, in memory of the man, who, during those critical days of the Japanese Occupation saved a vanquished people from the mire of despair into which they were arbitrarily cast by their victors (PD 422, s. 1974).” This was then adopted as Presidential Decree No. 422, series of 1974 when it was signed on 27 March 1974.

The Don Mariano Marcos Bridge is the third longest of its kind in the country. Its total length is even longer than Calaba Bridge spanning 886.812 meters across the Lagben River connecting municipalities of Tayum and Dolores (The Philippine Star, 16 April 2017).


Below is the Google Map of Don Mariano Marcos Bridge which crosses over Lagben River.

The bridge is painted with red, giving a warm aura during sunset.

To give justice to the beautiful scenery along the bridge, I have embedded a photo from Marc7travels website (Del Rosario, 2017) below.

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