Burgos Wind Farm: Your DIY Guide

Burgos Wind Farm, the biggest wind farm in Southeast Asia, is also a sight to behold along the beautiful shoreline of Ilocos Norte, facing the West Philippine Sea.


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Address: Burgos, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Coordinates: 18.53453, 120.64787 and 18.52123, 120.67314



Business Hours
  • Open anytime. Curfew may be imposed at some point and circumstance.


  • Entrance Fee: None


Contact Person/Group/Website/Page


Under the Giant Blades of Burgos Wind Farm

Burgos Wind Farm, the biggest wind farm in Southeast Asia, is also a sight to behold along the beautiful shoreline of Ilocos Norte, facing the West Philippine Sea.

One of the Vestas wind turbine near Kapurpurawan, Burgos, Ilocos Norte.

The wind farm was constructed as Burgos I and Burgos II Wind farm projects under the developer Energy Development Corporation, an Ayala-owned company and installed by CJR Renewables. CJR Renewables installed mechanical and electrical 50 Vestas V90 3.0MW with 75-meter hub high and 90-meter rotor diameter wind turbine generators (WTG) [1]. The Burgos I project has a total of 87 MW power generated and Burgos II in, upon its completion in 146 days gave a total 150 MW power [2].

The Burgos Wind Farm is considered as the biggest wind farm in Southeast Asia. First Balfour was the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contractor for the civil works and electrical network of the this project [3].

This amazing wind farm is located in Ilocos Norte. Located in more than 600 hectares of mountainous terrain covering Barangays Saoit, Poblacion and Nagsurot in Burgos, Ilocos Norte, the wind farm now produces about 370 gigawatt-hours of energy and avoids an estimated 200,000 tons of carbon emissions annually [3].

The Burgos Wind Farm, like the Bangui Windmills, has gathered an influx of tourists. This has helped the tourism industry of the the region, creating income generating means for tour guides, transporattion, and selling of novelty items.

As a whole, Burgos Wind Farm, like its Bangui Wind Farm, is not just a source of green energy but also generates income for locals from tourists who wants to have a look at this amazing technology.


How to Get To Bangui Windmills

By land. Take any bus heading to Laoag City.

  • Manila buses bound to Laoag City are Partas, Dominion Bus, Aniceto Bus, Viron Transit, Florida Bus Line, FariƱas Trans, Maria De Leon Bus Lines, RCJ Bus Lines and F. Franco Transit. Make sure it is bound to Laoag, though most of these buses also have Vigan to Laoag trips.
  • From Baguio City, you can take a Partas bus near SM City Baguio or the ordinary mini-buses in Bayanihan. Make sure it is bound to Laoag, though most of these buses also have Vigan to Laoag trips.
  • GMW Liner and Florida Liner have buses plying a vice versa Abra and Tuguegarao with a stop in Laoag City route.

By air. Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines flies from Manila to Laoag International Airport.


Helpful Local Phrases
  • Good morning: Naimbag a bigat; Good afternoon: Naimbag a malem; Good day: Naimbag nga aldaw; Good evening: Naimbag a rabii
  • How are you?: Kumusta
  • Thank you: Agyamanak
  • What is your name?: Ania ti nagan mo?
  • I don’t understand: Diak maawatan
  • How do I get to…?: Kasantnu ak a makapan sadiay…?
  • One: maysa, two: duwa, three: tallo, four: uppat, five: lima, six: ennem, seven: pito, eight: walo, nine: siyam, ten: sangapulo
  • How much is this?: Sagmamano daytoy?
  • Help!: Arayat!
  • Sorry: Pakawanennak


Other Notable Nearby Places



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[2] Powerinfotoday.com. n.d. EDC Commences Construction Of 0M Burgos Wind Project In Philippines. [online] Available at: <https://www.powerinfotoday.com/wind-energy/edc-commences-construction-of-300m-burgos-wind-project-in-philippines/> [Accessed 25 January 2021].

[3] First Balfour. n.d. Burgos Wind Farm – First Balfour. [online] Available at: <https://firstbalfour.com/projects/burgos-wind-farm/> [Accessed 26 January 2021].



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